Crazy Tragic Almost Magic: Shopping Makes Me Smile

August 8, 2014

Shopping Makes Me Smile

Friday. One of my favorite F-words.

I don’t know about you but I can’t help but associate Friday with Fun. And since this week was anything but, I think I’m well deserving of some.

I mentioned forever ago that I had bought some new duds but I figured, why not share the goodies. And since Wednesday was a lovely mail day, I'll share some of that as well.

So here’s a look at that I picked up at Marshalls recently.

Since I bought the blue ones a few months ago, I’ve fallen in love with Saucony sneakers. They fit awesome. Here’s another one of those Mom was right subjects...

Would you believe this girl didn't own a black handbag? I know! (Say it in your Monica Gellar voice, it's better that way) I mean, I had a few black tote bags I've picked up in recent years but no nice, structured, go-with-everythang bag. Then I ended up with two. 

Just Fab sucked me in a few weeks ago promising my first purchase for less than a Manhattan lunch. Obviously this couldn't be passed up. I chose this Birkin-inspired one. It holds a lot and it looks great. (See #ootd)

And then I picked up this lovely lady at TJM. It's roomy inside, comes with a shoulder strap and it's sturdy. #notsorry

I’m not sure why everyone isn’t in love with Cynthia Rowley, but I know I sure am. Her stuff fits like a dream. Granted I only buy what I find at Marshalls or TJM but a hot find is a hot find. I bought this skater dress (is that what this is?) because it fit like a dream. I see it with a cute red or gold belt. Now I’m kind of wishing I had bought that gold bow belt from Target last year. Damn me for not being a follower!

I remember wearing palazzo pants as a kid. I loved them then and I still do, so I’m glad this is a trend again. Plus, I’m tall enough to wear them. Here's today's #ootd

Happy Friday!


  1. Those pants look SO comfortable. Like a maxi skirt, but pants. And I love that bag. And TJM/Marshalls. I rarely walk out of those stores empty handed!

  2. That purse is so cute!

  3. After not getting it for so long, I finally came to realise WHY women need handbags. Men have trousers and coats and jackets and everything. We have pockets by the...well, by the pocketful. Dresses and skirts don't tend to have pockets. So that's what handbags are for. They're basically carryable pockets.


    No I'm not entirely sure what I'm talking about either.

  4. Huge yes to Sauconys, I LOVE them and am pretty much sold on only ever running in Sauconys forever. Gorgeous bag! And I'm loving the pants. We all know I'm a big fan of patterned leggings but I'm thinking I need to go a little less skin-tight and pick up a pair like these!

  5. You cannot go wrong with a black satchel, it goes with everything and is the perfect silhouette! Your palazzo pants are awesome too. Comfy and chic all at once, gotta love that. :) Hope your Friday was fun!

  6. Palazzo pants were a staple way back when! I haven't been brave enough to try them out now though!

    LOVE the black dress!

  7. Lmfao! I always do the Monica "I know" so I literally laughed out loud when I saw your reference.

    Hell yes to JustFab! I started JustFab earlier this year and I'm HOOKED. I'm like a JustFab junkie. I always just let them charge me for the month and then hold out for the BOGO sales or really good discounts so I can get the most out of it. I also have FabKids and Fabletics. Yeah, I'm a Fabaddict. Lol.

    And I am so glad that palazzo pants are back in style! They're so comfy and I used to wear them all the time when I was younger.

  8. Pants. Purse. Dress. Love all of it!

  9. i know we've touched on this before but I LOVE CR stuff. omggg.

    i have that dress in an aqua green color. and the palazzo pants are SO cute on you.. i was so anti them at first but now they are growing on me, i'm too late in the game!

    cute bag :)


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