Crazy Tragic Almost Magic: Life's A Bitch

August 12, 2014

Life's A Bitch

Today’s not a typical post day, but really, I think I’ve about had it with a blogging schedule. Sometimes it works, but lately it’s just making me feel like I suck at life. So for awhile we’re saying sayonara to the schedule.

Today you’re getting a glimpse at what’s been wreaking havoc in my life lately. I definitely wasn’t securely fastened for this ride.

K’s grandmother died last Monday. She had just turned 94 the Friday before. I only knew her for a short time but the respect I had/have for that woman is immeasurable. I absolutely believe she’s at peace now.

Two weeks ago my semester bill came up. It was saying I owed over 7 G’s. Since it’s a new academic year the charge for student health insurance was there. All $1,502 of it. Ordinarily I just print the waiver form since I have insurance through my job. Queue meltdown. I don’t have insurance anymore because of my job change. Soooo, now I need to get out-of-pocket insurance for the month of September because my new work insurance kicks in mid-October and let’s be real here, I’ll be damned if I’m going to hand over 1500 for insurance when I’ll have it soon. Instead I’m forking over $200 to enroll through the gov’ment, which I fully intend on cancelling before the 2nd month’s premium is due.

Oh, and because my final student loan won’t cover all of my tuition, even after the insurance thing gets worked out, I need to shell out $238 to pay the difference.

Sallie Mae, being the whore that she is, decided that now is a good time for me to start repaying my loan. With no notice given. So when I get a phone call telling me that I’m past due and owe $227 immediately, I kind of start to freak out. Apparently they “mailed” me invoices back in June and July. Both of which I never received. So now I have to add another 116/mo to my budget. Dancing is becoming more and more of a reality I tell ya.

Given the shock I had because of that I figured I’d be really proactive and find out what my estimated payment for all my other loans would be. So I call Fedloan and since they’re sweet like candy, they make things easier. There’s already this nice little e-letter that says what my approximate payment will be.... $198/mo. As much as I don’t like this, I’ll take it. A) It’s lower than I was anticipating; B) that’s on $49k worth of loans; and C) that bad boy doesn’t come into effect until next summer. Goal:  squirrel away money NOW.

And just because this is my life we’re talking about here. All last week... dealt with a head cold. For anyone who knows me personally, I do NOT handle congestion well. 

It was a rough week.


  1. I'm sorry about K's grandmother :(

    Student loans: evil, evil monsters. Sallie Mae IS a dirty whore, but not the fun kind.

  2. Student loans suck! I still have over $30,000 to pay back on mine. Who thought it was such a smart idea to further your education by going into debt?

  3. Oh no! Don't you just hate when things end up getting worse and worse before they get better :( If I was still in new york I'd suggest a happy hour date, where we could drink and shit talk the world away. They say bad things come in 3's so hopefully things will start to look up for you Michael!

  4. So sorry about your and K's loss, and for all the other messes thrown at you lately. I know how stressed I get when unexpected things crop up that I didn't budget for :( hopefully thing calm down ASAP and you can enjoy the last couple weeks of summer!

  5. Yikes, definitely a rough one! Student loans are the worst, it's going to be forever until I pay those things off. Hoping things look up for you soon!

  6. I about had a heart attack on your behalf when I read 7 G's. I just paid my fall tuition and a piece of my heart died seeing that much money leave my bank account. You're almost done though, right? You'll get through it!

  7. ugh so sorry hun. money can be a headache. well not can is a headache. hope you feel better!

  8. Sorry about K's grandmom. Hope hes ok!

    And ugh loans. They suck monkey balls.

  9. You poor thing! I'd be freaking out too! At least it's all good debt and for your health. It will all work out, but I know that doesn't make anyone stress less. {{HUGS}}


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