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September 29, 2014

I Like to Move It, Move It

I wasn’t an army brat but I’ve moved around a lot. In the past 20 years I’ve moved 11 times. Last week I revealed that it’s time to turn the page and that this move will make 12.

It may not have seemed like it, but I’m actually really excited about moving. This is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon “breaks” that life just doesn’t hand out.  With all the moving I’ve done, it’s kind of created this weird love for packing, purging, and boxing up my life.

Sometimes I can be very Type A, which may or may not work to my advantage. This is one of those instances where it does. I’m kind of a pro at this point.

  1. Accounts.  At some point, prior to everything I sit down and make a list of all my accounts. Granted, I’m a huge fan of e-billing and e-notices to begin with but you still need to change your contact information. Save this for later.

  1. Purge. Start getting rid of anything you don’t want/need/use. This should, and will always, be step 1. If you haven’t worn it in a few years, donate it. If it needs to be repaired and you’ve been procrastinating, toss it.

  1. List It! As a perpetual list maker this method is tried and true for me. Believe it or not, Stephanie, over at Not Entirely Perfect, does it this way too!

Here’s what I do:

After I’ve gathered some boxes I decide which room I want to start in. I usually go with the living room since it tends to have the most crap.  

Basically, I make a numerical list based on the things I’m putting in the box. For example, I started with my desk drawer so my first box has CD’s, and the contents of my desk drawer. Line 1 would then say something like CDs and desk drawer.

The first time I did this I listed every single thing that went in the box, which took way too long. Now I just make my own shorthand notes. It’s my stuff, I know what’s what.  Then that same box gets a corresponding post it with a number 1 on it.

What’s on my list directly matches to what’s in that box number. If I’m being super fancy I’ll also place a little BR, LR, K, or B on the list as well so I know which room it goes in. It completely takes the guess work out of what was packed where, which room each box goes in, and makes it an all around stress free situation.

  1. Change of Address. The 3rd step is something that can be done at anytime; however, I like to get it done and out of the way. I prefer to go to the USPS website and fill out the change of address form. If I have access to the new place, I like to start forwarding at least 3-4 days before I move. I feel this gives them time to get it right.

  1. Updates. The next step, and this is where we revisit step 1, is actually changing the address on all your accounts. This can take some time depending on many you have. As you saw, I have quite a few. This is where my awesome Keeper app comes in handy yet again. It stores all my login info for every single account I have for any and everything. Since all of that info is in the palm of my hand, I can double check to make sure I didn’t forget anyone.  As I said before, I prefer to e-bill everything but this still needs to be done.

  1. Move. Finally it’s time to get things moving. Here is where it depends on your move. Some people prefer movers... I prefer to do things on my own.

And that's how it's done! 

What tips and tricks do you use when moving?

September 26, 2014

Mail Call

Do you know what I love? When I have a blog post typed out, it only needs to be finished and edited, and POOF! Gone. The only thing to fix it? Write about it.

Dear Scandal: I was worried I wasn't going to catch up in time, but then last night while I'm mid-freak out, I realize I'm watching the finale. And this morning I watched the start of Season 4. Boom.

Dear K: Thanks for buying me personal training sessions. It was a great surprise and I'm excited about it.

Dear Halloween Costumes: Why can't you just be easy? Why do you need to be a) so expensive; b) made so cheaply; and c) always 2 sizes too small? 

Dear Rocco: Let's be best buds forever! You're the most spunky 10 year old I know, and you're a good kisser.

Dear Rhett and Scarlett: I can't wait to see you on Sunday. And on the BIG screen. I can hardly contain myself. Happy 75th anniversary!

Dear Stitch Fix: What the hell was with the box you just sent me? Seriously? Not one thing was for me. So much so, I didn't even try any of it on. And the one thing I would have kept, you sent to me in a size too small. 

Dear October: GET HERE!!!

I'm off to see Rise Against tonight. If I'm being honest, I really don't want to go. It's not that I don't want to see them, it's just been a ridiculously long week and I want nothing more than to come home, curl up on the couch and read some trashy book. Because that's what Friday's are for. 

September 24, 2014

Hall Pass: His

A few weeks ago I posted about my hall pass crushes. I'm still figuring out how to make one them a reality. Until then, I though it would only be fair to let K take the reins and tell you about his hall pass picks.

Alicia Keys

Her voice... I'll marry her right now. She could sing me to bed every night. 

Rachel McAdams

She just looks like a beautiful, fun girl. Not freaky, but fun. Like, a take home to mom kind of girl.


'Nuff said.

Scarlett Johansson

She's hot and you just know she's a freak.


You ever hear that accent?!  She's kind of thuggish in a good way but that accent is crazy.

And there you have it, K's #wcw. Honestly, I approve of everyone except Alicia Keys. She's pretty but not my glass of water.

September 22, 2014

Thou Shalt Covet Fall

Fall fashion is one of my favorite things. How can you go wrong with all the layering and fun patterns? And honestly, who says no to boots and leggings? Someone I can't be friends with, that's who!
These are a few things I'm lusting after this season...

1/ Lace Up Boots - These lace up boots were a huge thing last season and like a true procrastinator, I took my time and could never find a pair I loved. This year, I'm on it.

2/  Essie polish in The Perfect cover Up - This color is amazing and I absolutely have to have it.

3/  Essie polish in Partner in Crime - Ditto for this gorgeous melted chocolate color!

4/  Camo surplus jacket - For once I'm being proactive! I ordered this from Old Navy yesterday!

5/  Canvas Utility jacket - Umm, I also ordered this yesterday. I wanted it in arugula, but they were sold out in my size. #notsorry In my defense I have no "between the seasons" coats. It's either heavy winter coats or nothing.

6/  Cowlneck pullover sweater - I'm a sucker for sweaters. I have so many and I just keep craving more.

7/  Red plaid infinity scarf - It's a scarf and it's plaid, what's not to love?? I have so many scarves I needed to get a special holder for them all. This from the girl who had maybe 4, and only for winter.

8/  Booties - I still have a love/hate relationship with these bad boys. It's irrational but I hate when my ankles are cold. But they're just so damn cute I think I need to tell my ankles to suck it up.

9/  Slouchy oversized sweatshirt - what fall wardrobe is complete without one of these? And this one from Etsy is adorable!

So what are you coveting for fall?

September 19, 2014

Statement Coats

I'm not really a trendy person so if you were to ask me what's in style for this fall I couldn't even pretend to tell you. I don't shop by what's popular, but instead by what I like and what I know I'll wear on repeat. 

What I do know is that I love color. The bolder, the better. So when I was browsing Polyvore a few weeks ago this coat caught my eye and I immediately styled this outfit. 

All Work

The outfit may be basic, although great for work, but the coat speaks volumes! I get so tired of seeing the same black trench or pea coats every season. Winter is dreary enough, our clothes don't need to be as well. Here are 6 other styles I'm currently loving. 

Winter Wonderland

1) As soon as I saw this Orla Kiely coat I immediately thought of Jackie O. It's structured and still so very feminine. I really like the double pocket look. 

2) If you know anything about me you'll know that I love plaid. I don't know what it is about this print but I'm always drawn to it. This plaid TIBI coat is screaming my name. 

3) I think this Bobbi aztec printed coat is just fun. I need it. Not want, need. I'm a sucker for that oversized fleece-lined collar. 

4) I have yet to wear or own a cape coat but I'm pretty sure it's moving closer to the top of my list. This Rose Gal cape is not only affordable but super cute. I envision myself all bundled up walking around while it snows sipping on a skinny peppermint latte. 

5) I'm always on the lookout for color in the winter so this Alice + Olivia red jacket is killer. 

6) This mod-inspired wool coat from Black Five is trendy and perfect with any outfit. 

What about you? Do you stick with the basics or opt for something fun?

September 17, 2014

Turn the Page

Vodka and Soda

I've been keeping a secret for quite a while. It's been hard to keep it to myself but October will be my last month in my apartment. My semi-Type A personality had been happier than a clam with all the lists I've been making.

Side note... I wish I hadn't stopped watching this. 
The thing is... I'm moving.

And if I didn't admit that I feel a little like Carrie as she leaves her apartment for the last time, I might as well tell you that unicorns aren't real because I'd be lying.

I've lived in this apartment for four and a ½ years. I thought it was 5 years  but I'm dumb and miscalculated. Either way this place has been home for a long time.

I've drunkenly stumbled up all 53 steps like a pro. I've left for dates, had people over, walked around nude, cried myself to sleep, and most importantly grew.

As I've begun to itemize my life, pack it up into boxes or purge in these past few weeks I'm feeling very bittersweet. From the day I first saw this place I knew it was perfect and was going to be mine. And it was.

It's funny how we get attached to things. Although there's nothing remarkable about my apartment, it's mine. My comfort, my quiet, my stuff. But isn't that what life is about? Moving on to the next chapter?

So even though it's going to be new and different, and require some major adjustment on my part, I'm turning the page.

September 15, 2014

About Me

I’ve been trying to come up with a new about me section for the past few days and really, it’s a difficult task. Which, if you think about it, is kind of ridiculous given that this entire blog is about me.

How is it that we have such trouble describing ourselves to other people? I think my current tab is a good length but I wanted it to say something different. It’s a tall order to be witty and creative and lure people in {now it sounds like a cult}. 
Can you be carefree and neurotic at the same time? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m addicted to working out and going to the gym so I can eat more burgers without feeling like a heifer. 

Hi, I’m Michael and I love to eat. Just give me all the food and we won’t have any problems. 

Although those things didn't make the cut, here are 6 things you may not know about me. 

+ I have a really hard time deciding what to order when I go out to eat. It's ridiculous really. I never know what I want and I'm always the last to order because everything always sounds so good. 

+ I collect old books. Anything before 1960 is game and the oldest book I currently own was published before 1916. (the publication pages at the front of the book are missing but there's an inscription dated 1916... from Aunt Esther.)

+ Ask any of my close friends, before meeting me, or when they first met me, they thought I was a bitch. I've pretty much just accepted it. I suffer from acute BRF and I'm looking at the positives.

+ I've never eaten a McDonald's hamburger. Or one from BK for that matter. I was always a chicken nugget kind of girl. Plus, I didn't start eating red meat until I was 21. Now I'm just trying to make up for lost time. Steak, burgers and filet mignon for the mu'fuckin' win!

That's enough about me. How about you? What's something not many people may know?

September 12, 2014

Friday's Facts

I'm pretty sure I blogged on Monday. Actually, I know I did but then school started so any type of steam or mojo I had was shot to smithereens (such a great word).

I'm realize I'm super late to the party but have I mentioned that Scandal is the greatest show in the history of tv? No... well it is. I'm in so deep with Olivia Pope there's no turning back. I just started Season 3 on Wednesday so don't say a word! I'll be ready by September 25th.

Ohemgeeeeee you guys! Seriously, the best thing popped up on my Facebook feed last week. If you've been around here for longer than a month you may know I have a serious obsession with old/classic movies. Think Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, and Some Like it Hot. Well my most favorite of favorites is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. And its being shown in theaters. 

So what movie am I do hopelessly in love with?

It's going to be the greatest Sunday ever. Sorry not sorry football. 

Happy weekend peeps!