August 1, 2014

It's Happening | August Goals

I was hesitant to even write this post. I couldn't tell you what my July goals were because I know I didn't complete one of them. Actually, that's a lie. I wanted to go kayaking at the park. It never happened.

This summer had actually been full of events and changes and other things have kind of just been brushed aside. But it's a new month and I feel lost without a list or plan. So here's what's on deck for August.

Eat better

This past month was an exercise in gluttony. I'm terrified to step on a digital scale (I believe them to be more accurate) for fear that I'm more than I was when I left WW at the beginning of July. I need to woman up though. I'm going to WW on Saturday to find out the damage. And then? Then it's salad and steamed food, and whole grains, and fish and beast mode at the gym. 30 will be here soon and I need to meet my goal. 

Go kayaking
Hooray for repeat goals right? I still really want to do this so I'm going to try to get after it this month. All my Sundays are booked already so it's definitely going to take some planning. 

Buy a new rug for the living room

The one I have currently is a boring shit brown and it's permanently covered in cat hair. No matter how much I vacuum, it's still there. Cat hair is equivalent to herpes. It never goes away. 

Pay down the credit card
I have an appointment for a new tattoo (finally!) in September. My plan was to put it on the CC. First I kind of need to pay it down. It's a little too high right now. Financial sense says to pay the cc and pay for the tat in cash. We'll see. 

July 30, 2014

Never Have I Ever

It's been a while since I've done a post "introducing" myself. If you want the basic facts you can always head over and find out more about the girl behind the blog, but I prefer to share the types of things that would make us winners on a game show. Not to mention, it's Wednesday...

Last fall I decided to make a conscious effort to do and experience more. Thanks to my 101 in 1001 list I can keep track of these accomplishments when I do them. This led me to thinking about other things I've never done.

... been on a blind date. Nope, it's never happened.

... left the east coast. I'm hoping to change this when I finally make my way to Vegas.

... worn a size smaller than a 9/10. Don't for one second think I'm mad about this. What can I say? These hips don't lie.

Who am I kidding. I wish they moved like this. 

... broken a bone. Let's just keep it that way shall we?

... been to a basketball game. Previously this read "I'm not sorry about this. I dislike basketball even more than baseball if that's at all possible." We all know this is now a lie. #6

... had lice. I'm just lucky like that.

... been fired from a job. My professional track record, although not glamorous at all times, thanks Tractor Supply Co., it's clean!

... been out of the contiguous states. This seriously bothers me. I'm almost 30 and I've never even been to Mexico... or Canada? #fail.

...ran a marathon. Are we really surprised by this? Wait, does a 5k count? If so, then I've done 1... which would make me a liar.

...been arrested. Life win.

Now - what's something you've never done??

Vodka and Soda

July 28, 2014

On The Bandwagon

This weekend was the most amazing display of laziness I've experienced in a long time.

Friday night I went out and closed the bar. Which hasn't happened in I don't even know how long. It was much needed.

I woke up late Saturday (for me) and set about cleaning the apartment. I mean the whole nine yards. I swept, mopped, vacuumed. I even dusted. The best part, I was done by 1. After that, pure laziness.

I spent the rest of the day, the whole thing, on the couch watching Scandal. First of all, what took me so long?! This show is on point. I'm really not a fan of Kerry Washington, but she's kind of winning me over. The same thing happened on Sunday. And all I can really say is I want to raid the wardrobe racks for this show. 

And here we are back at Monday way too soon. I'm on my way to the gym since, you know, I want dat ass and all. Although maybe I should be working on the upper body. 

If you haven't noticed, today is a rambling post. And on that note, I'm out because if I learned anything in my communications class,  it was that one shouldn't ramble. 

July 27, 2014

Get Your Life Together

A few week ago I posted about the downfalls of being an adult. One thing I'm super conscious of in my adult life is that money doesn't grow on trees who knew!? I wasn't spoiled as a kid, however, I didn't want. More than that if I was told no it was okay. 

Now as an adult I'm in charge of buying things I want... and telling myself no. But here's the thing, I'm not cool with being homeless.

Enter the dreaded world of budgeting, and the hero of SinplePlanning. It can be a process, but in the long run it's worth it. 

For the longest time I did my budgeting with pen and paper the day before payday. I was super on top of what bills were getting paid when and how much. One of my favorite features with Simple Planning is that once you've added all your figures into the Quick Budget it tells you via pie chart how much of your money is going where.

What I wasn't on top of was the money that was leaking out of my bank account to God knows where. A quick trip to DD or Starbucks; lunch at the Morgan Stanley cafe. A splurge at Hale & Hearty.... it adds up faster than we realize. 

Hands down my favorite thing about this program is that it runs on Excel. You don't need to download a bunch of special programs and software. You simply download the worksheets and you're good to go. Save them anywhere, send or share them. It's completely customizable for your needs.

One of the other awesome things about this budgeting program is that there's a Tracking tab to keep track of the spending you're actually doing in each category. Hop on over to Comparison and it will show you what you budgeted compared to what you actually spent. Here's where my eye openers were. 

This is only a small guesstimation of my comparison as I haven't fully reconciled yet. I know my food budget gets out of hand, especially for those random lunches or dinners out, but $38 in just a week isn't a good thing. I plan on using these tools to help rein it in and keep it within reason. 

As if that weren't enough you can always use the Spending Analyzer to show you where your money budget traps are and how you can correct them.

The analyzer which break down which categories you go over budget most often, by how much, and what percent of your monthly income that category takes. They always say your cost of living (rent/mortgage) should be no more than 30% of your monthly income. That may or may not have changed since I read that years ago. with this program you can keep track of your percentages. 

Although I've only been using SimplePlanning for a short time I know it's going to help me stay on top of my finances, help me pay down my upcoming student loans, save money, and still go out for those impromptu lunches! 

July 25, 2014

Lazy Days Are Here Again

Helllloooo Friday. Seriously, I thought today would never get here. It's not that it was a bad week, it just took it's sweet time passing. But payday Friday is finally here, and with it the weekend. 

Since I've been feeling particularly blog lazy lately, and since everything I do in this space is late, today I'm feeling semi-fancy and jumping on the quiz bandwagon. If you haven't done it, scoot on over to Erin's blog. She always has the cutest ideas! 

Also, if you already did do this. Someone please teach me how to use and edit docs in Google drive. Seriously. It's embarrassing. I had to open this in paint, add my text, and then save it. Pretty sure it's not supposed to be that much work. 

Also, it's the last Friday in July... let that marinate on your gray matter for a bit. 

As my friend Porky says,

July 23, 2014

Insert Witty Title Here

It's Wednesday. How 'bout that. I'm telling you right now this post is going to be particularly lackluster. Mainly because as I should be massaging these keys I'm actually too busy stuffing my face with English muffin pizzas. 

Except I'm on my last one so maybe I should slow it down and type more so it's there and I can feel like James Woods when he finds a piece of candy. 

So Wednesday. Confession time.

... K decided not to show up to class today. Today was supposed to be one of his posts but since it's not finished you're getting this shined up turd.  

... this week feels like it's dragging. My brain tells me it should be at least Thursday already. 

... the thoughts  to just stop have been floating around my brain in regards to blogging. Do I want to stop, no. Am I so busy with life that it's not even on my to-do list right now... yes. 

... a wedding at Penn State can't be topped. Seriously. Everyone should just get married at courthouses from now on. 

... I need fall to get here. I really want to get back to school. So I can get it over with. is this really even a confession? Everyone knows this...

... I'm trying really hard to quiet my urges to go on a spending spree replacing certain pieces of furniture right now. Like, a coffee table, TV console, and a night stand. 

... I'm also trying not to replace my entire wardrobe. Admittedly, I've bought quite a few new pieces since I started this new job.... work pants, cardigan, sneakers, palazzo pants because they're awesome, dresses, a new bag... But again with the patience.

And on that note... I'll see you kids Friday.. probably. 

July 22, 2014

Who Says That

One of my biggest pet peeves is being asked stupid questions. That saying about there being no such thing as a stupid question? It was most likely made up by someone having to justify the questions they were asked everyday, you know, so they didn't go into a rage. Me? Rage on.

Here's a list of 6 questions that will guarantee I give you the stink face while judging the shit out of you for being such an asshat.

Is that a perm?

I don't know... does it look like a perm.....

Did your parents want a boy?
It's no secret that my name is awesome Michael. Which is awesome. I personally love my name. We go together like Mac and Cheese and I wouldn't have it any other way. My mom liked the name and that's what she decided.

Would you ever change your name?
Umm, to what? Melissa, Kelly, Jessica, Nicole - No thanks. I am none of those and they don't fit me. (No offense if that's your name :)

You're a little behind aren't you? (In reference to (at the time) being 25, single, unmarried and no kids)
How about I just punch you in the face now? One, who says that to someone? And two, hell no I'm not behind. Here we are 4.75 years later and the only thing that's changed is I'm no longer single.... and I kind of want to be married.

Will there be booze?
What kind of question is this?? No really, who asks this?

 You want to go to the beach?
Anyone who knows me, or has read this blog for more than a month, knows that I'm in love with summer. I'm a sun sponge and make no secret that I would rather be on a beach than anywhere else.

July 21, 2014

That Job Though

I figured it was finally time to share some info about that doozy of a confession I dropped last week.

First off, let's all celebrate!

Okay. Now that we've got that out of the way let me just say that I am so excited to start this chapter. I knew about a week into my previous job that it wasn't for me but given my situation with school, it made sense to just do my time, graduate and then start looking aggressively. That's not to say I wasn't looking in the mean time.... obviously.

I went through binges where over a course of 2-3 days I would just apply to as many jobs that I could that fit what I was looking for. I got an e-mail back from one and realized I recognized the name of the firm. We set up an interview and I went, somewhat more relaxed than usual. I don't like to get my hopes up, and I wasn't overly confident. I was just opting to let things run their course.

I started letting go of the small hope I did have when I hadn't heard back after two weeks. K suggested that I still, at this time, send a follow-up e-mail thanking them for the interview. I wasn't going to since I figured too much time had passed, but in a sun-induced state, I sent one. I woke up to an e-mail the next day saying that if I was still looking they'd love to have me come in and meet the rest of the partners.

Two weeks later I went back for a follow-up, which NJ Transit was determined to make me miss, and then 2 days later I got The Call. Commence freak out. I accepted right then and there.

I put in a week and a half notice given the upcoming holiday (the 4th),  said goodbye to these views, and then I went on vacation. :)